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Have you ever laid awake at night wondering to yourself, “Who has the best pizza in Richmond Hill?”

I have. Laid awake, that is, and thought about nothing but pizza.

Well, actually the nexus between pizza, good pizza and Richmond Hill.

I’ll not lie to you. I love pizza. And while I am not what one might call “picky” about pizza, I do definitely have my favorite places to find pizza throughout the greater Savannah area.

There are many different kinds of pizza, such as Chicago-style, Neopalitan, New York style, New Jersey style, California style, etc…, the list goes on and on. But who has the best pizza in Richmond Hill? And I don’t mean “who,” as in “Who’s eating the best tasting pizza in Richmond Hill right now?” I mean where can you – or I, for that matter – find the best tasting pizza to purchase in Richmond Hill.

Of course there are the chains that you find all over the place. Places like Domino’s, Papa John’s, you know, all those guys. I’m talking about something unique. Something special to Richmond Hill.

Something you’ll not find anywhere else. Surely there must be an outstanding example of pizza right here in Richmond Hill. Something I could call “the best!”

I have asked around and realized that most folks have very pedestrian tastes in pizza. They accept mediocrity and elevate it to the level of excellence.

They reward adequacy as though it were somehow fantastic! Not me, buddy. I want to know who has the best pizza in Richmond Hill, because life is too short to waste on crummy pizza.

You know, the kind of pizza that tastes like Ragu sauce on top of corrugated cardboard. The kind of pizza that tastes like it was made to serve to prisoners in the state pen – not even Federal prisons.

It’s also too short to waste on bad haircuts, but that’s another post for another day.

I’m looking for the kind of delicious pizza that would make you want to order or buy nothing else. The kind of pizza that would make you forget about all other pizza restaurants forever.

The kind of pizza I can dream about with a smile on my face, rather than the kind of pizza that keeps me up at night mumbling to myself, throwing the covers off of first one leg and then the other, breaking out in a feverish sweat, staring at the ceiling, wondering incessantly, “Who has the best pizza in Richmond Hill?”

I start this week by sampling as many different pizza places as I can find in Richmond Hill, and if something comes across my plate that is especially noteworthy, I will blog about it here.

Before long, I should have enough information to make an informed decision. When that day comes, dear readers, I’ll share my findings with you, and then we’ll all know who has the best pizza in Richmond Hill!


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