Where To Find A Great DJ In Richmond Hill?





Anyone out there reading this blog know where to find a great DJ in Richmond Hill?

I’m not talking about athe kind of DJ that you hear on the radio. I mean the kind of DJ that you’d find at a wedding reception or a nightclub or the grand opening of a used car lot or something like that. Even at a high school prom. That kind of DJ!

I figure since Richmond Hill’s nightlife options are continuing to expand that there must be a decent number of great DJs in the Richmond Hill area. I mean, that only stands to reason, right? These days, with the advancements made in technology, almost anyone can be a great DJ, so this should make it easier for me to learn where to find a great DJ in Richmond Hill.

Back in the day, if you were gonna be any kind of halfway-decent DJ, you had to first own at least two turntables. Some folks call those “record players.” That’s because all the DJs played were vinyl records. There was no such thing as a CD, let alone an MP3 file. You also could not use 8-Track tapes, because those were of really poor sound quality and were not easy to cue up to a particular song.

It’s true that cassette tapes offered noticeably better quality, and you could cue them up fairly precisely, but there was always a lot of hiss that could be heard on cassettes, and when the volume was turned up loud enough to get a crowd of people dancing, that hiss would be unbearable. These days there are bound to be plenty of places in Richmond Hill to hear a great DJ playing popular dance music. I just am not sure where those places are.

Like I said, anyone out there know where to find a great DJ in Richmond Hill?

I also figure that most of the DJs around Richmond Hill these days are not using turntables, but are instead using MP3 files like the ones you might have on your computer or iPod. That’s because they are so much more compact and take up hardly any space or have any real weight to speak of. It’s so much easier than carrying around crates holding hundreds or thousands of vinyl records or CDs. A great DJ in Richmond Hill could store hundreds of thousands of songs on a couple of hard drives and thus have virtually any hit song (and plenty of obscure ones too) at his fingertips, so as to honor most anyone’s request.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be heading asking around town for suggestions, as well as hitting some of the bars and nightclubs in my quest to learn where to find a great DJ in Richmond Hill. As soon as I think I have it figured out, I’ll post again to let all my readers know where to find a great DJ in Richmond Hill!



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