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Okay, so after a bit of searching I am happy to say that I found a great DJ in Richmond Hill.

Now, this does not mean he’s the only great DJ in Richmond Hill. He’s just the first one that I have found that I feel I can safely say fits that description.

If you’ll recall from a prior blog post here, I was not looking for radio DJs. You know, the kind of folks who tell you about the traffic jams and talk about the latest in music news, and sometimes show up with a mobile remote truck outside of a used car lot of in a grocery store parking lot.

Nope, I was looking for the kind of DJs that play music to dance to – in nightclubs, bars, and at private parties and receptions. And, sure enough, after hitting the bars just a bit, I believe I found a great DJ in Richmond Hill.

Where did I find this great DJ in Richmond Hill?

Well, oddly enough, at a place called the Jukebox.

I mean, how weird is that?

A jukebox is an invention that essentially acts like a robotic record player. It was practically invented to do away with human DJs! And yet, at the bar and nightclub called the Jukebox Bar & Grill I found a great DJ in Richmond Hill.

His name is “DJ Randy,” although I am not sure if Randy is his actual name, so I put it in quotation marks. It seems most DJs like to make up fake names for themselves, like “DJ Brass Knuckles,” or “DJ Lipitor,” orĀ  “DJ Snakes on a Train,” so the folks who dance to the grooves they’re puttin’ down can’t easily track them down and stalk them if they became obssessed.

So, “Randy” might be more of an adjective used to describe this particular DJ than his own given handle.

Who knows?

I do know this, though: I found a great DJ in Richmond Hill.

“DJ Randy” spins music at the Jukebox just about every weekend, and the regular crowd there knows him well. He gets the party started and keeps it rocking all night long by playing a masterful mix of both brand-new and fairly recent club dance music. Some of it is a little risque, but all of it is filled with the booming bass and hypnotic beats that are required to get a diverse crowd up on the lighted dance floor (which is what the Jukebox has).

“DJ Randy” also acts a bit of a karaoke singer, as it’s not uncommon to see him grab a wireless microphone and start singing along loudly, right on top of the vocal tracks on whatever record he’s playing. He’s got a pretty good voice, to be honest with you, and he knows all the words to every song as best I can tell.

He’s also an impressive dancer.

Now, I feel certain that the more I start taking in the local nightlife, the more noteworthy club DJs I’ll stumble upon. But for now, as far as DJ Randy and the Jukebox goes, let me just put it this way: I found a great DJ in Richmond Hill.


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