The Smoking Pig Barbecue In Richmond Hill



Has anyone out there ever tried the Smoking Pig Barbecue in Richmond Hill?

I ask because I am way into Barbecue (or BBQ, as some folks prefer to call it). Growing up in a small town in the East Tennessee mountains (or the Appalachian Mountains, as some folks prefer to call them), I had my fair share of award winning barbecue. The kind of barbecue I was raised on was what they like to call Tennessee barbecue, which only makes sense!

But Tennessee is a very wide state. It’s a big rectangle, and if you were to take that rectangle of a state and turn it perpendicular, so that it was pointing straight up and down instead of side to side, you’d find that Tennessee pretty much stretches all the way from Georgia up to New York City. At least that’s what an old man back home told me one time. I was too lazy to ever get out a ruler and a map and see if that was true. But it sounds possible, and he was a nice man, so I’m gonna assume he would not lie to a small child.

The point being that all across that wide state of Tennessee, there are several different regions, and each one of them has their own unique method of making barbecue (which for our purposes of discussion, uses either pork or beef brisket). Memphis style barbecue tastes very little like Nashville style barbecue, and neither of them taste much like Oak Ridge style barbecue or Chattanooga style barbecue.

So what about the Smoking Pig Barbecue in Richmond Hill?

Is their style of barbecue similar to other places in the greater Richmond Hill area where I have tried barbecue. There are plenty of places in and near Savannah that specialize in barbecue, and I have found that this region does not seem to have one particular style of barbecue to call its own.

It’s not like North Carolina, where they use a vinegar-based sauce, or South Carolina, where they use a mustard-based sauce. Here in Georgia, it seem like most folks use a tomato-based barbecue sauce, but after that, all bets are off!

A buddy of mine swears by the Smoking Pig Barbecue in Richmond Hill, but although I keep asking him to take me there, it never seems to happen. I’m told they have great baked beans, which are not nearly as oily as some Southern barbecue joints. I guess I’ll have to be the judge of that for myself.

All I know is that I keep hearing this place’s name mentioned when folks around Richmond Hill talk about barbecue, so it’s high time I tried it.

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