How Well Do You Know Richmond Hill?



Let me ask you something, readers – how well do you know Richmond Hill?

Every once in a while, I like to watch the Stephen Colbert show on the Comedy Central cable TV network. I’m sure you are familiar with Stephen Colbert, but in the odd event that you are not, he is a comedian and a social critic who plays a character with the same name as his own. That character is an ultra-conservative news talk show host, who is in many respects just like the real Stephen Colbert is in real life.

But in many other respects, the character he plays is completely different from his true persona.

The humor in his show comes from the ways in which he playfully sends up the American way of life, and its politics and politicians.

One of my favorite recurring segments on his show is something called “Better Know A District,” in which he travels to a particular Congressional District somewhere in the USA, and meets with the Congressional Representative of that district, to ask them all sorts of questions about the area and the people they represent.

In preparing for those interviews (which are generally quite good natured and funny, with the representative laughing alongside Colbert’s ridiculous interview questions), Colbert and his writing staff have to do an awful lot of research into the facts about that given district.

Which got me to thinking…

How well do you know Richmond Hill?

Yes, you. The person reading this blog right now.

How well do you know Richmond Hill?

And, you, as well. Now I’m speaking to the other person who just stared reading this blog (about halfway through the first person reading it).

How well do YOU know Richmond Hill?

I realized that when I asked myself that question, I didn’t really know that much about the area I live in, and it made me feel a little empty.

So, I have decided to learn as much as I can about Richmond Hill, Ga., and as I learn things that I think everyone who lives in or works in or visits Richmond Hill should know as well, I will share them in posts on this blog.

Instead of calling this project “Better Know Richmond Hill,” as a tribute to Stephen Colbert, I’m calling it “How Well Do You Know Richmond Hill?” Because I wouldn’t want Stephen Colbert to be upset with me.

In the next few days, I’ll launch this regular, recurring feature on the blog, and I guarantee that after just a few weeks, everyone who takes the time to come and read my posts will learn a great deal they likely never knew about Richmond Hill.

In fact, it may make you love this town even more. If such a thing was even possible!

Until then, say it with me: How well do you know Richmond Hill?

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